Bryce's 1st Birthday!

Bryce (my beautiful niece) celebrated her very first birthday on August 15! Her mommy planned the best birthday party for her!!

The theme was "cupcakes" and Sommer stuck to it! These are some cuppies that Sommer and I made and then Sommer printed off pictures I took of Bryce to put little cute flags on top.

A beautiful first year collage of Bryce!! She has grown so much!!

Some of the setup! How cute does everything look!! And check out Bryce's cupcake cake from Betty's!

Uncle Dan, Aunt Marissa, Uncle Shane, and Aunt Staci's gift to Bryce! We got her a busy ball popper, a farm animal fridge magnet, a cute dress, and some bubbles!

The outside setup! How fun! All the kiddos got to take home a "duckdog rubber ducky thingy", a beach ball, and a mini cupcake!

One of Bryce's favorite things . . peanut butter sandwiches! Cut out all cute too!

The Birthday Girl!! Her dress was so beautiful and she loved it too! She was prancing around in it like a princess!

Her cute rocking chair! She really likes chairs, especially rocking chairs!

Her cute birthday girl shoes!!

She wasn't a big fan of everyone staring at her . . .

Present opening time!!

Bubbles! I really was hesitant to buy her bubbles b/c I was thinking she might be too young to really enjoy them, but I was wrong!! She loved them!

Has her comfy, birthday clothes on so she could go play with her friends.

Sommer got this from Walmart!! I never knew that they did stuff like this, but how cool is that?!?!

So when Bryce was opening our gift, our card fell and went right through the deck crack! I mean seriously. . what are the chances of that!?! Not just any card, but our card (for anyone who knows me, they know that I like to write books in my cards), and the crack was so small, and the card must have been perfectly vertical so it could slip right down!! So Bry had to go under his deck and get the card for Bryce. Here is what it said:

My how this first year has flown by! From the day you were born to your very first birthday, you have accomplished so much! Your cute little crab crawl that you learned when visiting Uncle Dan and Aunt Marissa, your "ahh, ahh, ahh" silly monkey noises, your scrunchy face, your "mama" and "da da dada" first words, and of course your walk! You are so fast! I try to chase you around with my camera all the time, and I think you are getting used to it. Because a lot of times I will call your name and you will turn around and smile right at me! You have also made so many hearts melt including my own when you came over and sat in my lap and leaned against me! I cannot wait to watch you grow, learn, and melt my heart even more! We love you Bryce! xoxo


Meaghan Elliott said...

Soooo fun!!! I can't believe how much bigger Bryce has gotten! And your pics look great lady! ;) Are you lovin' your camera or what? :)

ErinVanover said...

I found your blog while researching ideas for my daughters first birthday. Where did you find her adorable 'birthday girl' shoes? They look like Robeez, but I can't find them anywhere.

*Stace* said...

My sister-in-law got Bryce's shoes @ Babies R Us! Good luck with your party! :-)