NYC: Day 2!

Eeek. ... . sorry for the 10 day delay! It's been a rough 2 weeks, but I don't want to complain more than I already do, sooooo . . . on to NYC!

Day 2 of NYC was busssssssssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyy. But fun! And we saw so much!

First on our itinerary was the Statue of Liberty! We got a later than scheduled start due to us being completely exhausted from the day before and due to our very comfy bed, but we wandered on to the subway and luckily found our way to the South Ferry Station! As soon as we walked up we saw the "Staten Island Ferry"! We decided to go check out the Statue of Liberty first!

There she is!! Waaaayyy off in the distance! (Darn my camera not having a super zoom lens yet! They are just so expensive though!) We decided to pass on the boat ride there because you could not go in the crown and we also heard you were not even allowed to go in the Statue of Liberty at all! We also passed on the free 2 hour Staten Island Ferry ride because we figured we probably would not get any closer to Lady Liberty than where we were and we were ok with that.

We then took the subway to the "World Trade Center". This is all we could see, which I guess is good, because they are rebuilding and making an awesome looking memorial!

The spots where the towers were will remain, but will contain waterfalls! This board was in the "remberence store". It really was just so sad being there and remembering what all happened and for ridiculous reasons.

I loved the signs. "No Horn Honking!" But you know NYC, . . . EVERYONE honks!

How would you like to work on that crane way up there?!

Yay! We walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked all the way across and back! It was a long walk, but luckily there were guys every couple of feet selling water and pop.

I love how you can see the city from the bridge! Soooo fun!

Shaney found the watchtower. So we caught up with Superman for some lunch.

We did not look like tourists at ALL . . . except for the constant map looking, the HUGE cam cam, and the "should we get off the subway here?!" comments.

Empire State Building! It keeps going and going and going!!

Macy's! Largest store in the world!! (Or so it says . . . we just took their word for it).

Back to the empire state building! We decided to go in and check it out but didn't want to pay the moolah to go up it since we were planning on going to the top of the rock on our last night.

Shane & the replica!

Once again. People following signs very well in NYC. "Maybe if I squish really close to the side, then that means I can still sit on the stairs, even though the sign says don't sit on the stairs."

Grand Central Station!! This wasn't originally on our itinerary, but it was something in the back of our minds to do if we had the extra time . . and we did! So we checked it out, and so glad we did because it was b. e. a. Utiful!

Let's play a game called "Where's Staci!?" Can you find me?!

The MoMA! We tried to go to the "Free Fridays" (from 4pm on, I think it was) they had going on, but umm . . . the line was wrapped around the entire building, and although it would've been cool to see, we weren't that bummed because we aren't very big art people.

Radio City Music Hall! They were setting up for the MTV music awards when we were there (the awards actually weren't until the week after we were there though)! Dang. One week too early. Missed all the famos.

NBC Studios! We went on the studio tour the next day but were in the neighborhood so we checked it out a little early.

Rockefeller Center! A LOT smaller in person! That ice rink looks huge on TV!

Ran into Matt Lauer! He was nice enough to pose in a pic with me!

Loved these shirts! Took the pic for one of my bff's, KC!

Went to get some food at the Hello Deli (the deli shop from the David Letterman show, with Rupert!) . . but they were closed.

And last, but not least, to end Day 2, we saw Mary Poppins on Broadway! You can't go NYC without going to see a broadway show! It was a great show and definitely recommend it!

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*kc said...

1) Thanks for taking the pics of the Seinfeld shirts. Love it.
2) How was the NBC Tour? Did you see anyone famous. When I went on it Jimmy Fallon waved to us.
3) Ha - the honking sign is funny. I wonder if it is really enforced.
4) Can't believe you walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in flip flops. Did you act out the scene from Sex and the City?
5) I wish I would have gone to Grand Central Station - looks cool!
6) Did you guys dress alike for the night you went to the musical? In your khakis and white button downs, you both look very preppy.