Nikkie's Bachelorette Party!

So for Nikkie's surprise Bachelorette Party we went to Toronto! But stopped @ Niagara Falls on the way to throw her off. Actually first we started driving west (b/c KC forgot her passport and had to go back to her apartment), which REALLY threw her off. And once we got to Canada we left and had to go back through Canada (which threw her off again!!). . . actually we kinda got lost and ended up back @ the duty free shop, where the lady said we had to go out (couldn't buy anything) and had to go back through customs and pay the toll again. The same customs guy was like "Hey! Welcome to Cana . . . . oohhh . . . ".

We ended up going on the maid of the mist! It was a fun excursion! I was like (in my head). . woah we are really close to the falls .. .. oh my gosh we are getting even closer . . oh my gosh are they going to drive right under them, because that would be scary?!

The girls @ the falls!

We went to the Toronto Zoo on Saturday. I took this pic because I looove that monkey the little girl has on her back! And the mommy uses the tail as a leash! We saw a little boy with one of those too! And I think the monkey has a zipper so you can put stuff in it too!!

The Toronto zoo was nice, but you definitely had to walk to see the animals. They aren't all compact like our Erie Zoo. Actually we were kinda bummed, because once you do get to the exhibits, the animals are waaaaaaaaaaayyy in the back (you can barely see them because they have acres to roam . .which is nice for the animals, but bad if you want to see them up close), but I think every exhibit we thought was the "Canadian Geese Exhibit" because there were a ton of those everywhere! This was probably the best exhibit, because the zebras were super close up and not much fence separating you.

The CN Tower!! We did not go up in it because Nikkie does not like heights and because it was a ripoffy amount of $22 per person just to go up and down.

We did make our way to the Steam Whistle Brewery!

This apparently was the place to be because there were a TON of people there, and we could not take the tour because it was already booked up for the rest of the day! Bummer.

We each did get 2 free glasses of beer though!

Heading out to dinner. We really had no idea what restaurants and clubs were good in Toronto (mainly because we've never been there before), but I think our final picks were good! Definitely recommend the Pickle Barrel!!

No, they are not pointing at Goodlife Fitness or Sears, they are pointing at the awesome Harry Potter billboard (Harry was on the other corner, he's glared out by the sun)!

Jack Astor's for dinner!

Yummy food and drinks! I ended up getting Chicken Stir Fry (which seems to be a diminishing entry on local restaurants around Erie . . . if you know anywhere that has a good stir fry dish, let me know!)!

Sunday we headed back after a stop @ Tim Hortons for breakfast and my first trip to Ikea!

Nikkie & Matt's wedding is next weekend!! Their wedding also ends my booked summer! Now I will actually have free weekends to do as I please! Too bad it won't be warm enough for the beach.


*kc said...

YAY! Finally we can rest from this eventful summer.

Our Toronoto Trip was fun, but mainly because it seemed like nothing went flawlessly (but we quickly recovered from all the fails - listed below).

Passport FAIL
Directions FAIL
Duty Free Shop FAIL
Customs FAIL
Hair Dryer FAIL
Electricity FAIL
Zoo Map FAIL
Beer Tour FAIL
Walking FAIL
Chinatown FAIL
Hot Spot FAIL

Carl said...
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