Mommy & Me QUAD : 100 Yard Swim

April 10th, Mommy and I continued our annual tradition (2nd year) of the QUAD by completing the 100 yard swim.

Last year we swam twice before the actual event (aka - went to the Y and talked in the pool). This year the QUAD had a swim program at the Y where you could go 4 times before the event and an instructor would help you out with what you needed to work on. We had such a blast and it really was helpful!

I learned how to go off the starting blocks (even though the instructor swear I already knew).

And I was able to swim the front crawl the entire 100 yards, where as last year I had to resort to the backstroke for about half (I couldn't breathe! I realize that 100 yards sounds like nothing, but you should try it!)

I finished first in my heat.

And I dropped a honkin 14 seconds off my time from last year! (1:27 to 1:13)
Not to make excuses, but I also just started doing Insanity that week too, so I'm pretty happy with my time!

Mommy getting ready!

And she's done! She's a quick one!

Mom dropped almost 30 seconds off her time from last year! I was so proud of her!

Mom trying to catch her breath, but me saying "smile"! She's such a great sport and I'm so blessed that we are able to do this together!

If you are interested, here is the website to sign up! It really is such a great program! You don't have to do all 4 events . . . . you can choose between swim, bike, run, and ski/snowshoe! And it's all different ages and fitness levels!

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