SKANK Book Club - Meeting 1 - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Easter weekend us girls, the SKANKs, finally got to get together to discuss our first book for the Book Club that we started. All Booked Up. We all have busy lives these days and 2 of the girls live in Pittsburgh, so it's quite the feat to get us all together . . . but we finally found a day and time and place (The Cove), that worked!

I wasn't sure how the first meeting would go since none of us have really done a book club before, but I think it went rather well! It was quite the crazy book and had lots of things to discuss. Plus, we Googled questions before hand as well.

I think we were all in agreement that the book was sick, but good. And in the end we decided we are going to take a break from the rest of the series so we can read Water for Elephants and then go watch the movie that just came out!

We thought the day was going to be cold and rainy, but it ended up being beautiful, so we hung out on the dock and caught up on everyone's lives!

I love these girls!

Question is . . how long until we get together again to discuss Book 2 - Water for Elephants? Will we really all be done by the end of June?


*kc said...

The other question is, who has the book?

I'm waiting to start, since I forget a lot of what I read from the last book. But I really want to get reading it!

Luckily, I'm still reading another book that I started on my vacation. So that will bide my time.

*Stace* said...

i got it last weekend, but haven't started reading yet . . . .

prob won't start this weekend either . . . hoping to get our bathroom done this weekend though, so hopefully i will have more time after that!

amy grace said...

i downloaded a sample on my phone so i could get started, but honestly, i don't think i'm gonna like reading it on my phone. maybe i can hit up the library tomorrow and see if they have it.

also, why isn't my blog linked with the K's in SKANK ?? hmm?? forgot it??

another also - i don't remember you taking that picture of my hand flipping through the pages. ha!

Alison said...

you will all finish Water for Elephants in no time!! just finished the book a few weeks ago and it's definitely one you can't put down! SOOO good!

*Stace* said...

mase - well i wouldn't link your blog with K anyways . . did you change your name? but i thought i did link it with the A!

alison - glad to know its a good read!