GLEE : Teenage Dream

My favorite (might be tied with Poker Face) from GLEE to date:

Apparently my friend knew Darren Criss (lead singer in this song) in college as well. Such a small world.

Love GLEE though.


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*kc said...

Yes. I agree, it was very fun.

But why are a bunch of straight and gay boys singing to each other about going all the way? And wearing skin tight jeans? Just sayin.

I also thought Kurt's smile was creepy in the cuts to him.

I want to hear more about how your friend went to school him the singer. That's really neat.

*Stace* said...

Ha ha! I know . . the lyrics of the song didn't really go with the content of the episode . . but I didn't care b/c it was awesome.

Agreed with Kurt's smile.

So my friend went to Michigan with him. He was in his Freshman Italian class. Darren was a big theater geek with long hair. I asked my friend if Darren was really gay and he said no way. And I asked how he knew and he said because he asked him for a condom once. My friend said he wishes Darren looked better when he was in school cause then he would've been better friends and could've taken him out in public. . . ha. He was bummed he didn't keep him as a close friend.

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Marissa Rock said...

That was so fun! I feel like I should start watching Glee :). Speaking of friends who know famous people...Do you watch Modern Family? My friend Shannon went to high school with Mitchell. So cool!

*Stace* said...

You should!! It's so awesome!! It's so different and fun!

That's crazy!! Such a small world!

Mrs. S said...

I LOVE Glee! It is one of my favorite shows.I love the one this past week with the mash up of umbrella and singing in the rain. AWESOME! :)