Bria - Our New Pup!

Well. It's official. She's just too good to be true!

(You really don't need to read this, it's more for my memory sake). As you know, we adopted Bria from the Humane Society on Thursday, October 21, 2010. We had gone in the Saturday before and saw her in her little kennel and just instantly fell in love. However, she wasn't available at the time because she still needed to be spayed. We weren't even allowed to take her in a room to see how we all got along. But we asked the front desk about when she'd be available and they originally told us we could get her on Friday at noon as long as her Thursday spay surgery went well (first come, first serve). I also asked if they would move the surgery to a different day and they said no. So I called on Tuesday to make sure our application went through ok and to see if she was still scheduled for for surgery on Thursday. They told me our application was good and that her surgery was now on Wednesday and she would be available Thursday at 11. Ok. Gosh. Good thing I called. We knew we'd have to be there right when they opened or even before to make sure we got her because it is first come, first serve, and we did know that there were other people interested in her. (Nervewreck City!)

So Thursday, we both left work early and I told Shane to make sure he went and stood in line at the door as soon as he got there. He called me while he was standing in line (my meeting at work went late) and said there were a few people in cars waiting, but no one in line. So as I pulled up, I saw this other couple give me the "nervous, anxious, you better not be here for Bria" look. So I got nervous too. I immediately got out of my car (after I parked and turned it off, of course), and went and stood in line with Shane (this was about 10 minutes until they opened). Then the other couple got out and came and stood in line except (AHHH!) the guy came and stood behind us, but his wife stood on the other side at the other entrance door!! Oh my gosh. What if they opened her door first?! We wouldn't get our pup! :-( So getting more anxious and nervous . . . then finally at 11am, the lady comes to our side and unlocks the door. Whew. Safe.

We walk in and immediately the guy behind us says to the humane society lady, "we are here for Bria". (My heart stopped beating). Oh my gosh. We lost her. They spoke up first. So they get her. But then, my awesome hubby says, "we are actually here for Bria too." And the lady then says, "well it's first come first serve, so . . " At first, I wasn't completely sure she meant us, but then the guy said, "so they get the dog because they were here before us?!" And the lady said, "yes. that is how it works." Guy says, "are you kidding me?! they get the dog because they were here first?!" Guy's wife then says, "honey, let's just go."

So we went in a room and got to make sure we still loved her, and yep! She was definitely a lot more hyper than we remembered, but we still fell in love all over again! "We'll take her!" (We were nervous to go back outside in case that other couple was still there, but whew. . they were gone. I do feel bad for them though. I would've been a wreck if roles were reversed.)

So we filled out the paper work and handed over the dough ($100 - which really isn't bad considering they gave her shots, dewormed her, and spayed her)! And then they gave us our Bria (we thought about changing the name, but liked Bria)!

We took off the rest of the day to spend with her and introduce her to our kitties (aka - make sure she didn't kill them).

I also was lucky enough to work from home on Friday to make sure that Bria could adjust (and I could take her for a long walk at lunch time).

Then we had the whole weekend. We made sure to get her used to her crate (threw in lots of toys, treats, blankets, fed her in there, and gave a lot of "good girl" praising!). We didn't leave her alone until Sunday when we tried to go to church but it took me 40 minutes just to leave her. . . I was so scared and sad and kept peeking in through the window to see if she was being good. So needless to say, we missed church, but had to get some groceries real quick. She did well and we can now leave her at home while we are at work and she is good the whole time (knock on wood)! I do think crating is a good thing for a dog, but I also feel bad leaving them so confined for so long, so she gets full access to our room off the kitchen (gated off) with her open crate, toys, blankets, and water. That way she has room to play and stretch too. She has outsmarted the gate a couple times and has actually done very well with complete access to our entire house, but I feel like our kitties need some time by themselves (because Bria ALWAYS wants to play with them. . . did I tell you she's super hyper?!). Wow, I'm writing a book. Sorry. I told you that you didn't have to read this.

Anyways, we really felt like she was too good to be true. She did/does need some obedience training but is already doing so well! She sits, "downs", shakes, waits, stays, and "gives mommy and daddy kisses". She also pulled us really bad when first walking, but after 2 or 3 walks she caught on and is doing awesome now. Walks right next to us.

I just don't understand why her past owners gave her up. We went to the vet and she got a clean bill of health. The only thing I can think of is they didn't know how to train her or they just didn't have the time to train her. Because really . . she is awesome. And we already love her so much!

Ok enough babbling, here are some more pictures!

This is her "you have my ball, just throw it!" face.

Her, "I'm free to run around in Great Grandma's yard" face/pose.

Her, "daddy you're saying you threw it, but I can't find it" look.

Her "cute, I'm so glad my new mommy & daddy found me" look.


DSDA said...

Dog training demands tantamount of patience as it is time-consuming. Proper socialization with the right amount of attention can help resolve dog problems.

amy grace said...

awe!! so glad you posted this cause i didn't know any of it!! so glad you got her!!

*kc said...

YAY!! Wow, you guys taught her a lot of commands. Daisy only knows sit. And I yell "no" and she stops what she is doing.

I think I need to write my story too.

Congrats on her!

*Stace* said...

Ha! No is good to know though!

Yes you do!! Write it up!

Ann said...

OMG Bria could totally be Henry's sister! He's a black lab/beagle mix (at least we think, with the flopper ears hehe). We had a similar experience getting our puppy from a shelter here in Columbus. We missed our first chance because a guy had an application in before us. We even offered to make an extra donation to the shelter, but they said it was "first come, first served" and he ended up getting the first one we looked at :*( But then we looked at Henry (then named Hunky, the dumbest name for a dog EVER) and we just knew he'd be great. I'm surprised she took to walking with you right away - do you have a choke collar or other training type of device? We had to get one of those Easy Walk Gentle Leader body harnesses (not the ones that go on the head, he hated that). He does well in his crate, but I come home over lunch because he can't hold it that long (he's just about 4 months). It sounds like it's going well so far! If you need advice on a good food (though I'm sure you got one), we buy Innova (all natural stuff).

*Stace* said...

aww!yeah the vet said she might be mixed with Spaniel, and we had some one else say they thought she was mixed with Spaniel too. .. but we've also had like 3 people tell us she looks like she's mixed with Pitt Bull. . so we really don't know except we know she's definitely mixed with lab!! aww! yeah! we were so lucky it worked out!! as for the collar . . we tried using a regular collar and she was flying all over the place, so we tried one of these (http://www.amazon.com/Guardian-Gear-Choke-Chain-Hw/dp/B0002QIJKU/ref=sr_1_5?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1289264567&sr=1-5) and it worked so much better!!