Bowen's Dedication

Bowen, my nephew, was dedicated at church two weeks ago.

I think he was upset here because Bryce came back down to sit with us. . . . At first they (Sommer, Bry, Bowen) all went up alone, but Bryce then cried and wanted to be with them. So grammy took Bryce up. But then she cried and wanted back down. So grammy came and got her. I thought it was funny. Not sure what the rest of the congregation thought.

Pastor Bill introducing Bowen to everyone.

Waving to Bryce.

Praying for little Bowen.

EEeek! He's so cute.

And so is our niece, Bryce!

Hate this is blurry, but still think it's so adorable!

We sure do love you soooooooooo much Bowen, but God loves you even more!!


amy grace said...

awesome pics! sooo cute! Chloe got dedicated on Mother's Day. it was pretty awesome :)

*kc said...

Bryce is such a fashionista! I wish that coat was in my size - I would swipe it!

*Stace* said...

Aww thanks! Bryce was dedicated mothers day too!

I know right?! She belongs on cover of kiddy vogue!