Lakehouse : The Crew!

A couple weekends ago Shane and I got to take KC, Mase, Josh, Nikkie, Matt, KT, & Mike to the lakehouse! It was a blast!

We had buffalo chicken tacos for lunch when we got there:

And then headed out on the boat . . .

Did some tubing:

Had break time with some snackies and drinkies:

Then Mase & I were trying to work up enough courage to jump in (it was cold) . . .
(Doesn't it really look like KT & KC's hands were on our bums?!)

1, 2, . . . . . . 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SKANK fun on the tube:

Nikkie, Matt, & The Chautauqua Belle

Some paddleboating:

Then that night we headed to Bemus Point's Village Casino

KT & Mike got splashed on the way . . .

We played catchphrase while we waited for our food . . on the boat . . . awesome.

Then we headed back to the lake house:

We had some smores, played pigged out or something like that where you roll pigs, then celebrated KT's birthday with a yummy cake Mase made.

The next morning we had eggs and toast and fruit and juice and donuts! Yum!

Then we headed out back on the lake!

And did some tubing!

Mase got lakeweed on her:

And we did some more tubing:
(I don't know how we didn't fall off here . . . ) 
*photo credit : Mase

Such an amazing weekend! Great food! Great weather! Great place to stay (Thanks Don & Rita!)! Great friends! Great times!


*kc said...


Great recap of the weekend!


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amy grace said...

Thanks again to Don & Rita!! It was such a fun time I hope we can go again!!!!!!!!! Those tubing pics are hillllarious

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