Lady A Concert @ The Crawford County Fair!

Last weekend Shaney and I went to the Crawford County Fair with his brother (Bry) and Bry's wife (Sommer)! I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to see my favorite band, Lady Antebellum.

Below, Stealing Angels, opened for them.

They were ok. Cute girls. Good voices. Nothing I'd write to home about.

They played some party songs after Stealing Angels, before Lady A to get people pumped, and this older lady was getting jiggy with it! We (entire row in front and behind us) were all snickering about her, but really . . . I hope I can still enjoy myself that much when I'm her age, because she was having a blast! You go girl!

Eeek!! There they are!

Such. An. AMAZZZZING. Concert.

I feel bad for the people in front of me because I was singing along to every song they played (being in chorus in grade school and high school did me no help)!

I was LOVING every single minute of this concert. I got so lost in their music and the performance!

I mean seriously . . . aren't they awesome?!

Here is where they wanted us to sing!

Have you heard of the song A Little Bit Stronger that Sara Evans sings? Did you know that Hillary Scott from Lady A wrote that song?!

She did! And here she is singing it! I just love how Charles Kelley is looking at her all proud! So cute! Makes me think this band will last a long time, which makes me super happy considering every song on their first 2 albums (only 2 so far) are amazing!!

Living it up!

You know the routine . . "Thanks for coming! We love you guys! See you later!" . . .

"Oh ok. I guess we'll do an encore since you stayed and cheered for us!" I mean. . do they really even have to pretend anymore?! But still. . . glad they came back out and performed one of their songs off their new album, Just A Kiss!

I can't wait until their new album comes out September 13th!!! Thanks for an amazing concert Lady A & the Crawford County Fair! It made the 45 minute wait just to get out of the parking lot worth it!! :)


Anonymous said...

She's kinda chunky. Just the way I like my women. I'm in love.

amy grace said...

Great pics!

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