Holy Cow.

Wow. It's been busy. Insane. I don't know where my mind is . . . so if you find it, please let me know.

This time of year is bittersweet. Bitter because work is crazy. Too crazy. Mental asylum crazy. End of year close, forecasting next year, account recs, rep letters, auditing, new computer . . just to name a few. Sweet because I do love the holidays. So fun. And my mood instantly lifts when listening to Christmas songs and snuggling with my family by the glowing fire with the Christmas tree all lit up.

I am kinda happy with the Christmas shopping progress this year. I am about 90% done (including the wrapping), and that also makes me one happy camper (I won't lie that also about 90% of that was done online - it's something I like to call smart shopping).

Also, one of the best things about the holiday is that I get to see all my friends and family!

Next weekend we are having a girls weekend and the weekend after that is Christmas already (holy cow)! I thrive and live on my family and friends. They are my #1 priority in life, and I love it. I love them. Which is a good thing since we are going to have 10 different Christmas gatherings.

For now I leave you with some pics of our pup, Bria snuggling with our kitty Nina, and Bria with her new friend Daisy (KC's pup):