Girls Weekend! : Lake House!

Oh hi. It's been a while. Lots has been going on, but let's start with the girls weekend we had the weekend before Christmas.

In October, we (S.K.A.N.K.) decided we needed to get together. Unfortunately, the ONLY weekend that worked for everyone was the weekend right before Christmas, but at least we found a weekend! And we made it work.

My awesome mother-in-law and father-in-law were nice enough to let us borrow their Chautauqua lake house for the weekend.

We headed out late Friday night . . . . . when we got there, we ate some buffalo chicken dip and drank some drinkies while we had a pillow fight in our pajamas . . . . while playing guesstures.

Even though we went to bed past 2am, on Saturday we got up early to explore Chautauqua.

First we headed to the Chautauqua Institute. Apparently, in the summer, you have to pay a gate fee of $35 just to get in. In the winter, it's free, so we drove around to look at all the expensive houses we will never be able to afford.

Then we headed to Mazza Chautauqua Cellars. It was very fun and only $2 to try 6 different types of wines. The "wine guy" was probably the best "wine guy" we've ever had. He was very fun and very knowledgeable about the wine/winery/harvesting/etc.

KT's mom told us about this book store that was going out of business, so we decided to check it out. Every book was $2 or less.

Next stop was Southern Tier Brewing Company. HIGHLY recommend this brewery. The atmosphere was awesome, and the tour was great! We had a fun tour guide and the "president of the beer club" was in our tour (aka - 20 questions). For one who doesn't normally like beer, I participated in the tasting anyways ($8 for tour, fun souvenir glass, and 5 or 6 different beer tastings - we got to fill our glasses half full each time), and I'm so glad I did. Found out I was not a fan of Pale Ale (holy Pine tree), but did enjoy the Choklat Stout and the Raspberry Wheat Beer. Yummo!

(This is where the guy told us we weren't allowed to take pictures . . . and then said just kidding . . . )

We were all having "a lot of fun" by the end of the tour and decided to stick around for a bit while we umm . . . . sobered up (aka - drank more beer). But really . . . . the driver (thanks KC!) sobered up while everyone else drank more.

(Where's the wagon?!)

Then we eventually headed back to the lake house for Mexican night!

Yummy guacamole and enchiladas made by Mase.
Sex and the City the Movie (we had to drink every time Carrie changed outfits or anytime anything "sexual" came on . . . . we had to adjust this a bit because those happened too often).

I just know I really love these girls. We go back to grade school (some of us even earlier than that), and I know we will be best friends forever. Every time we get together, it's right where we left off, and we learn more and more about each other and get closer and closer. I feel truly blessed to have each and every one of them in my life and can't wait for our friendships to grow even stronger.


amy grace said...

yay! except i didn't drink enough to need to sober up! cause i didn't like 1/2 those beers and i gave katie all my leftovers hahaha

but yes, the weekend was great! the lake house was awesome! i think this should be a tradition (maybe summer) that we can always do!

*kc said...

YAY! It was totes fun! Thank Don and Rita again for letting us crash. The cabin is so nice!

Alison said...

looove Southern Tier!! and I used to spend weeks at time at chautauqua growing up, great place!!
sounds like an awesome weekend!

*Stace* said...

agreed on the tradition! yes. southern tier is awesome! and chautauqua! hope to spend more time this summer there!

Kt said...

a.) crazy pic of me! haha
b.) Frank the Tank! Best brew guide!
c.) So fun! & Totes tradition!