Snow, Snow, Snow!

Hey remember when we got all that snow??! No?! Let me remind you . . .
Our snow ranged from like 2 feet to like 5 feet in some places because of the drifts! It was crazy! We were trying to make a path to get firewood to our house!
Oh that was the night that our power went out too (country living = no water for potty or showers too)! We came home at 5:45pm with no power and it was still out at 10:15pm, so with it being 50 degrees in our house, we headed off to mommy and daddy's!


*kc said...

I remember when I first learned that no power did not equal no water for city dwellers ... I was at your parents' house hanging out with you. Welcome to the country!

*Stace* said...

ha ha!! and i was with you when i learned about the country! ;-)