I had a pretty hefty weekend to do list (hefty for me) . .let me tell you what I actually accomplished . .

  • Pumpkins!! FAIL! :-( Anybody know of anywhere in Erie/Edinboro area that has good, inexpensive pumpkins for sale?
  • Corn Maze! FAIL! I decided I was too cold and it was probably very muddy. Hopefully this weekend!
  • Maple Museum (time permitting) FAIL! Didn't get back from the open houses until 5pm and that is when it closes. :-/
  • Organizing our filing cabinet Success!! Well . . I started to . . still a lot left to do.
  • Decorating for fall/halloween Success!! We don't have too much, but what we do have, it is out! (Still need to do the pumpkins though!)
  • Taking pictures for my photography class Success!! Kinda . . . some of them I am using are from prior pictures I took, but they do the same thing!
  • Going to a couple open houses Success!! . . .Kinda. No Shane & Staci houses found. :-(
  • Babysitting MAJR (black lab pup) Success!! He was a good boy! He went for some rides with us, went running in our back yard for some of my photography pics, and I put some music on and he was dancing with us!
  • Watch the Steelers beat the Browns (knock on wood) Success!!Although it was still a scary game, they pulled it out!
  • Kristen reminded me that I should have put "Watch PSU beat Minnesota" . . so here it is. Success!!
  • Freak out when it snows and try to go outside and catch the snowflakes on my tongue Success!! Well, . . . it didn't snow this weekend, but if it did, I probably would have done this. I freaked out when it snowed Thursday night (was it Thursday?), but was too cold to go outside.
Last photography class tonight! Sniff, sniff!

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